uTorrent Acceleration Tool

uTorrent Acceleration Tool 4.8

Increases the speed of the user's torrents downloads

Improves the way uTorrent works by making your files download faster. The tool uses advanced network traffic optimization techniques to focus as many resources as possible towards downloading your torrent files. It also displays a network traffic graph that's being updated in real time.

Torrenting has become one of the most efficient, fast, and comfortable ways of sharing and downloading files of almost any kind. But, as with all great things, there are certain disadvantages of this method. And the main disadvantage of torrent downloading is its heavy reliance on seeding. Seeds are the users who "share" the files other users download. And if your torrent download client is unable to find enough seeds, the download will be slow, long and result in pretty much nothing. Most music, video, and even image files today are large and demand a lot of effort to get. So here is where acceleration plug-ins come into play.

Probably the most famous of torrent download managers is µTorrent. And µTorrent Acceleration Tool is exactly what it sounds - a tool to accelerate its work. What it does is find additional seeds from additional sources, which, in turn, helps speed up the download of the files.

The principle of work is simple, and so is the program itself. It is installed easily and requires no additional user interaction. You can always access it via a small tray icon, and changing the settings is performed through a very simple interface virtually consisting of three buttons. You can start the acceleration, stop it, minimize the interface window, or quit the program whenever you wish.

Another advantage is that µTorrent Acceleration Tool does not interfere with other activity on your computer and does not eat up your system resources, unlike many similar programs.

The acceleration tool is fully compatible with µTorrent itself and is distributed free of charge.

James Lynch
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  • Significantly upgrades download speed in µTorrent
  • Easy to use


  • May conflict with some software
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